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PSS Contractors LLC Online Application

Featuring diverse opportunities for work in the Commercial Swimming Pool construction industry. Job seekers enjoy access to a vast selection of entry-level, skilled, and professional careers. Interested in being part of the PSS team? Apply today!

Current Available Positions

General Labor Responsibilities:

  • Operate and care for construction equipment and machines.

  • Help equipment operators, carpenters, and other skilled labor when necessary.

  • Prep construction sites by cleaning obstacles and hazards.

  • Load or unload construction materials.

  • Put together and take apart temporary structures, such as scaffolding.

  • Remove, fill, or compact earth.

  • Follow instructions from supervisors.

  • Assist craft workers.

  • Ready to learn from on-the-job training when necessary.

  • Perform site clean-up.


  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Ability to do physical labor and other strenuous physical tasks.

  • Ability to work in all weather.

  • Workers must be punctual and reliable.

  • Experience as a general laborer in the construction industry is a plus.

Commercial Pool Service Technician Responsibilities:

  • Driving the company vehicle to customer’s location.

  • Maintaining equipment and chemical stock levels at shop and in the vehicle.

  • Testing swimming pool water pH, and chlorine levels.

  • Adding acid, chlorine, and other chemicals to correct pH level.

  • Cleaning swimming pool using authorized equipment.

  • Replacing and installing underwater light fittings and fixtures.

  • Fixing cracks or leaks in the swimming pool structure.

  • Fitting and repairing pipes and plumbing for commercial pools and other aquatic features.

  • Completing paperwork and reporting service requirements to management.

  • And much more…

Pool Service Technician Requirements:

  • Previous experience as a Commercial Swimming Pool Technician.

  • Knowledge of proper pool maintenance methods.

  • Extensive knowledge of Commercial Swimming pool chemicals and their properties.

  • Knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, painting and equipment repairs.

  • Ability to lift heavy equipment.

  • Ability to work in harsh weather conditions.

  • Professional appearance.

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